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August 25, 2006



I hope that's a joke, since Hemingway's been dead since 1961

Larry Becker

Hi Kimberly
I have always enjoyed watching you. I love your intelligence your humor and at the risk of sounding like a weirdo...I love your BEAUTY. Your legs are magnificent and your gorgeous ultra sheer hosiery only adds to Your beauty with elegance andI sensuality
I felt bad for you on Red Eye when you ruined your nylons. I love admiring you on the "Leg Chair" and look forward to you being on Red Eye and all you appearances on any program that shows your gorgeous Nylon adorned legs...although that isn't tie only reason I enjoy watching you...you are amazing in every aspect of your profession
P.S. I do hope you will wear your gorgeous ultra sheer off-black hosiery and your ultra sexy heels on your next appearance on Red Eye.
My most sincere Best to you always

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