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February 02, 2007



"Homewrecker"? Ouch. That's not only harsh, it's untrue. Gavin's affair happened in late 2005, when (a) his divorce was Kimberly was almost final; and (b) Kim was in New York hooking up with Eric Villency. So you might as well call HER a homewrecker, too.

Gavin may lack personal judgment, but let's leave the outdated name-calling behind.


Uh, SFGirl, Gavin slept with the wife of a married man, one of his best friends no less. So if my math is correct, that does make him a homewrecker. His own martial status is irrelevant.

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What's a "hap tip?"


This is pretty much the greatest thing I have ever seen in my life.

I love you Foxy G!!!!!!!


sfgirl, I think what he means is that Gavin WRECKED Alex's home...Duh!


Well the only thing that breaks my heart is that someone out there will walk around with a smile the rest of his life for getting inside that hot KIMBERLY. And it wasn't me.

Jockie Dong

I would love to ram, all 5", of my sweaty baloney pony up and down her cleavage.

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This is pretty much the greatest thing I have ever seen in my life.


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The big winner in all of this: our own Kimberly Guilfoyle, who knows an impending disaster when she sees one.

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